Monday, 11 December 2017

Recognize-True Visions Of Spirituality From A False Televised Version Of Reality.

Knowing the difference between these two types of ways is very important as true spiritual visions shows you what is to be seen, while a false televised reality vision gives you pictures, events etc a play by play documentation that is but a mere repeat.

As you see a movie that you watched it's just presented to you as a vision to get your intellectual being in knots., and there must be a focus to see and know the difference between real and a false repeated reality show.

True spiritual visions are showing you things to happen and if you interpret them right you will be able to pray against a bad way, that will try to present itself on the same or some other day.

Some individuals don't understand what some of them are seeing as most of them are getting so many false flags, they watched a movie or something all day, or read some kind of news or a book that gets the false vision prep to go on their mind's way.

And when they dream everything just flows back at them as their dreams give them a false look of the day's proceedings that their input.

And some think that they are true visions, Yes! Some think that they got revelations and some go and broadcast things that were televised to them in the past.

Some individuals don't understand that when the true visions are flowing in, there must be a full focus as they keep a clear self-controlled mind of being.

One doesn't focus on the news, one doesn't focus on anything that you shouldn't do.

A true spiritual vision can flow to you anywhere and you must be in a poised mentality of a way to know what is true from the things you've done some day before or even the same day.

This spiritual realm is tricky this spiritual realm is heavy and a spiritual mind must know the difference between true spiritual reality from a false televise reviews of reality trickery of repeated show.

The mind must be in full focus and the lips have to be slow, the tongue has to be silent when it goes all out on media to say God showed or told them so.

Dreams and visions interpretation has so many meanings and only a conscious discerning mind will see and know when they are getting a slide show.

To understand spirituality you have to be spiritual to understand a false reality you have to be conscious and know truths.

Everyone is getting dreams and visions, some true some false and while some individuals are knowing some just are not comprehending.

What some see, hear and know they just push it behind their minds as a freaky or dream or vision show.

But what is a visionary dream if it doesn't have guidance? It's just a mere illusional state that the mind goes in, to make the individual interpret the day's proceedings as a true vision of something.

So Individuals always know the difference between true and false.

False is trying to flow everywhere and your mind is a place that false like to go, it's the playground for works of trickery ways.

Be always focus and aware even of spiritual things, and learn to control your mind before you open the mouth to say something.

Individuals! You all need to know these two ways to understand what is true and what is false and what will be dormant and what will be a view to really direct someone or even you. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

What Is On The Inside Looking Out? -Look, See And Know.

When I looked around I can not but noticed the wide spectrum of entities channelling through individual's in leading positions in private, governmental institutions and other walks of life. 

All put in place by devious alliances to try to bring the righteous down, with their unedifying, manipulating confusing works of deception. 

And as they jump in and out of human bodies that are mere suits for channelling, they pass through individuals that are caught up in heartless ways, unconscious individuals that have no spiritual understanding of what truly is. 

And all you see on those individuals is just glassy staring eyes that always goes into a trance mode. 

Yes! Glassy numb and rooted with the black entity the dark matter that devious scientist knows about. 

The ones behind the experiments of extraterrestrial wear that they keep sending around everywhere. 

And you always know them from their strange looking eyes the smell of their slime, the ashy fumes of sulfur that some of them always flow in and the twisting tongues of lies that they slide through passages to cause confusion as a win. 

Mankind needs to be cautious and aware of the ways and things among them that comes from crevices and cracks, web gateways, sewage, and taps, from solar and below from sky, rain that falls and wind that blows with a burning flow. 

A conscious awakening is needed to wake up the many individuals that are unconsciously sleeping to get them to see, hear and know what is true from the illusion that wayward rules of law don't want them understanding. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Consciousness! -A Way Scientists And Others Are Buffled About.

All over the world scientists and other theorized individuals fight with theories as they try to figure out where consciousness begin and end? 

How the human mind works and how great minds exceed others with little understanding of consciousness? 

And they themselves are yet to understand consciousness because they cannot understand what they don't know. 

It's like a child trying to start an engine and don't know where to find the key or input the key. 

‘‘ Consciousness Is The Opening Of The Universal Eye In Humans’’ ~Marcelle Hinkson

Consciousness is beyond anyone's imagination, it's not an element that stays in one disposition, as consciousness is always evolving, moving and growing, and it can manifest itself in different ways. 

Consciousness is also you the individual using your five senses as an alignment with your will power, heart and being to let consciousness fully manifest its works. 

Consciousness is your conscious being going high and deep in depths with the universal flow, when the universal passages open up for you see and know. 

Yes! The universe is conscious and all beings that lay within, some others like mankind somehow lost their ability of consciousness to know things. 

Consciousness is not hallucinating by the brain, consciousness is a real and natural effect. 

It's a journey in time, it's your being of a body going into its spiritual way and channeling what you have lost and what you are supposed to know when you travel to earth's long way. 

Everyone is spiritual and some will have memories of their spiritual journey before they came to earth and some will not, those are the blocked ones the ones that have a conscious hack. 

Just like everyone as they drift into a sleep and dream each night, their spiritual being gets up and go. 

Yes! Their spiritual beings go into a spiritual conscious realm, and some individuals do remember and some do not. 

And some have their spiritual travel manifest as what they call De-Ja-Vu when what they dream or experience in a spiritual visit manifest in real physical form. 

All spiritual consciousness opens up to the same place, it's a universal spiritual flow, and your spiritual being will go on journeys that will help you along your physical way. 

And some of you with the De-Ja-Vu kind of way, you see people that you know you met somewhere, have conversations that you had before, see places that you never been but somehow know you were there before. 

It's an enlightenment, the passages you walk in your spiritual form and it does manifest to the natural. 

Everyone has a soul for a reason and it's the doorway to consciousness and the will power is the key to that door, along with the five senses, mind and heart that must be aligned. 

Unfortunately, some individuals don't use the key the way they should, they just let their will power be polluted by wayward ways of the world, people, and elements in it. 

Mind emergence is the criteria that evaluate the mind with a direct distance of feed, the epic tuning where the mind evolves to full maximum potentials, and what is a mind if It's controlled by false ways? It's no mind at all just a remote for a program body. 

The dormitory of a real and conscious intelligence comes from deep within, and your senses have to be aligned and play a part in your conscious state, taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch your bodie's full armor that helps your consciousness to work. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Messages Behind The Message.

Motivating individuals is a good thing to do as it should always represent a good way that helps your brother man out, what ever truthful way one distribute aspects of motivational empowerment
to individuals.

There must be a truthful and dedicated heart behind every distribution of empowering feed.

I see many post of motivational chain link messaging that command individuals to type amen as a way of showing their aligence and dedication to God,and what I can say here is that I never trusted some of these kinds of chain link messages of ways.

As I never felt a truthful heart behind the messages and messengers.

It's just a posting of a message that was sent to someone else,and as far as typing amen as an agreement to any post,I never do because a lot of strange elements are camouflage and linked behind some of these messenging motivational links of messages that asked for an agreement.

Some even challenge individuals to type amen if they want their life, money or love Jesus.

As I said and I hope that individuals don't get me wrong but God is not a wheel of fortune that you are trying to win.

My thing is and I spiritually know that these kinds of aspects of ways is not for me as I already know that my Creator love me as I do him and his Holy Spirit and it's all with an everlasting love and I spend every day in my life acknowledging him and what he has done for me from young up to now.

God is willed to everyone and anyone who has his or her will to commit to a true relationship with him and to embrace him for who he truly is .

God is never pushed on anyone as everyone has a will power to decide what it is that they truly want.
God is found when individuals look for him and want him.

And most of the time when these messaging type amen post is sent to me,they just feel like there are intruding and being pushed in a false way and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

As i just feel a blunt wall of some kind,and an individual being control to send a posting feed with no kind of true heart felt ways in them.

Just a I see I do type of element of way to send a posting feed.

I always say if a true heart isn't in it don't send it.

Words do speak volume and I can spiritually,feel,sense,hear,taste and smell words that is coming from an individual and the aspects of ways and elements behind them.

And I always know if they are sent from a true heart.

Yes! I can read heart and the whole individuals them self,and that is how I can identify individuals,as my other giftings allows me to.

And through my years of finding my true spiritual way I witness and recognize how easily individuals can get trap into some false ways of believing in their true creator of existence.

And Yes! Everyone that has a heart for God wants to know their true Creator God , and they will go after aspect of ways that they think is him,but as always they must be cautious and descerning to make sure that it is truly him and his way.

The name Jesus is quotes by itself or with the blood and even before I became highly spiritual I always felt in my being that it was not said in the right content.

I knew that something was wrong with that kind of introduction to God's reverence.

And it was only in my later years of spirituality that I found out my feelings for the introduction.

When I experienced as I saw a cult with much witchery using the same theme of introduction.

And they used the name and the blood representation to call upon an evil entity they call God.

And I had a rewind in my being of why my feeling was.

I do not and will not accept anyone who does not identify Jesus Christ of Nazareth in full view of description.

As the enemy and his agents also use the name Jesus but not in full documentation of discriptional aspects.
As a reference as to show you what I mean.

Before I was highly spiritual I was going to a house church and other normal churches also.

But it was my experiences at the house church that made me to really embrace my spiritual giftings even more.

The man leading the church that called himself a pastor would call me up all types of hours at my home and told me to receive it in Jesus name.

And me thinking it was  all from my creator world accept,not knowing that I actually receiving not blessing but curses on myself.

As Father Creator God told and showed me how devious individual prey on others instead of pray.

Then one day when my phone rang Holy Spirit spoke to me and ask me why am I accepting what the man was telling me to receive when I did not know what it was.

I answered the phone and when the man told me to receive it I told him full out no that I will not be accepting anything, and I ask him what is it really that he wants me to receive.

After I said that he just became silent and put the phone down and he never call me again to tell me to receive anything.

Futher more he told me that God did not want me to go back to the house church.

But I was invited by a lady and I went and saw much that was wrong   and I did show up what I saw, which was a cult place being lead by a warlock.

Also this way of fasting is another thing,as no one should  be ordered  or programme to fast,no man is to dictate to anyone when they should fast.

As Holy Spirit will direct individuals to do so when it is necessary.

I see individuals being put on a fast by men and women calling themselves leaders which in fact is man made leaders.

Yes! A name of term that God introduced me to when he showed me how they are man made into believing that they are called by him and pushed into a premature launch.

And these man made fast is a set up most of the time because individuals are told to fast when they are spiritually weak.

Why fast when you have no substance of strength spiritually?

Why fast when you haven't spiritually eaten?

On less someone is trying to set you up to be spiritually attack.

Spiritual fasting is directed by the Holy Spirit,as Holy Spirit knows how strong your being is to begin your fasting.

God will never allow anyone to fast when they are spiritually weak,as your spiritual being needs energy to with stand spiritual testing's.

The phrase "When I am weak then I am strong" does not apply to fasting as any true spiritual individual will know that this term is directed to a different spiritual method of way.

Another thing I want to speak about is what individuals keep telling the innocent to try to get them trap in their cult buildings of churches and that is "Do not forsake the assembly".

A lady once came to me saying the same thing when I was in prayer with God, when I greet her at my door all I saw was her black laced dress that I was so aware of.

Which made me from my being felt that something was wrong.

And at that moment when she said those words to me, Holy Spirit reminded me that light does not mix with darkness and at that moment he opened my eyes and showed me what was before me,Yes! A witch!

I told her that I wasn't going with her and I felt so much anger come from her as she showed me a fake smile,I closed my door thank God for showing me what he did and went back to my praying.

A lot of individuals are caught up in traps in these cult buildings of houses and others because they want to know ,find and feel God,his Holy Spirit and presence.

But why do you have to attend these demonic places where individuals are maniputed,spiritually blinded and mind controlled?

If you have the Holy Spirit within you,you already have God.

Don't you know that?Why go look for God when he is already with you?
And as always he will lead your every true direction of way.

Today I say to everyone! Know God your true creator for yourself!

No false doors,false doctrine, false buildings,false men or women will lead you to God if they are manifesting with false and manipulating ways.

Know God for yourself! Man can not teach you what God can teach you,man can not show you what God can show you and man can not take you where God can take you.

And I can speak to you today because I was once like you the individuals that try to follow man and false doctrine.

And inside me, my being would also speak to me and showed me that  it was a lie,and I never felt real love when I entered these building I always saw ice cold daggers,and felt much hatred and so much more .

That one day when I entered a building of a church and felt it,I told the man that was supposed to be the pastor and he just stood there for near five minutes not a word just staring at me.

Then a few days after he told me that God don't want me to go to his church.

Hmm! Yes! So much familiar words from the same slidering tongue when they are found out,that was another cult church with much manipulation and other bad elements inside.

And so much of these building of churches represent much gothic themes of structures, am I the only one that knows that God don't do gothic?

I don't like to be touched in certain ways, this is a way I came into this world with and when my spiritual eyes opened I saw why I was this way.

Also this way of individuals holding on to others heads and placing a cross on them is also wrong,as it's a way to open mind manipulation and to also closed off individuals spiritual eyes from seeing what they should see.

I was told never to let anyone do those things to me and I did told a man made pastor not to when he tried to and I told him that it was directed by God,he never touched me,as he just looked at me and swallowed hard.

And as I would repeat again,God is never pushed on anyone and if you have the Holy Spirit the helper inside, you will be guided truthfully.

I have a will that I willed to learn nothing but truth and that is all that I've been given with much more aspects of ways.

And if anyone that have the Holy Spirit inside of them is not hearing seeing ,feeling or sensing directions means that there is some kind of interference or blockage spiritually.

Also worries ,stress,harsh thinking or a devious spiritual blockage might be to blame.

I'm not saying that God doesn't have his Holy Angels sending or delivering messages to his people, he does as I know and I have seen them at work each and ever day and I know them spiritually.

And individuals must know them also,and individuals must also know that everything ,way etc Of God the enemy tries to copy.

But the fact of the matter is that the substance of authentic Love and Truth is never there when it comes to the enemy's agents and himself,those true essence of ways he can not copy because they don't carry and can not acquire them.

God is always in full control and where the Holy Spirit is truth and Love will flow.

So always remember that one one should be pushed or manipulated to go through any buildings of church doors.

God is never pushed on anyone as it is always a free will.

And everyone will have a chance to know God and to change from a way of life of bad doings unto a path of righteous works if only you will yourselves to when the time comes.

And every individual should know that the will power is a spiritual,physical and mental weapon and it should be used wisely.

Natural Meditation

Meditation is what some spiritual individuals do to find for themselves a state of peace of mind, their surroundings and to connect to their God and to find out their source of life.

Some individuals used methods to accerate their meditative state.

And I just want to say that a drug fuel way of meditation is not the right way.

What is meditation when it is fueled fused and orchestrated by manipulation means?

A natural meditation is a natural being at state~M.Hinkson
A natural alignment, a natural way, a natural sense of awareness that helps you along the way.

With a sense of direction that will open your spiritual eyes and ears.

Some individuals used methods of a false push into a meditative stance and a natural door will not open if one is using a false method at hand.

It's a meditation,a dedication,a true commitment of way,with a natural alignment that will help show you the right way.

Drugs will not help produce a meditative state,all they would do is give you Hallucinations,keep you wide awake and put you at hell's gate.

As you will get put in the negative realms of spiritual influences all around,drugs is only a conductor that will falsely and dangerously push you along.

Yes! Your eyes will be opened but to what realm and extreme? Not the one that you supposed to be in but a devious realm of hell that will have you begging and crying on your knees.

A realm that used a camouflage way to trick you into a false mind of being see,that what you meditate for is not what you will truly see before thee.

You must all understand that pushing meditation by using drugs is dangerous as it opens up a devious gateway,with manipulating elements that is just out to trick your true path.

A natural meditative state is a wholesome being that is wide awake and it will know it's true alignment of way,from a devious orchestrated fuel deception of ways.

Spiritual descerning  is needed all around for individuals to understand and know a spiritual world working in a physical world.

And with spiritual descerning any conscious individual will know as all their senses will be wide awake to distinguish God's truthful love and ways from the enemies' false blunt cold walled up love of false documentation,individuals,passages and ways.

True genuine love is always missing when it comes to a false way and it's never hard to identify if one is spiritually and consciously awake and aware to tell the difference.

With some individuals that I had experience with the word love will come from their mouth but their heart and body never showed,speak or protray that true love or it's essence.

Which only showed me that it was never a true way.

I'm at a height of spirituality and I'm going to go as far as I can go to be empowered so that I in turn can empower all.

As the eyes of the blind must be opened at all cost for them to wake up out of the false worldly dream that they are in to see truths and know truths for what it truly is.

Monday, 3 April 2017

What God's Presence Is Really-A Holy Spirit and not a ghost that is scary.

There is a false way that some individuals try to describe God and his way.

And today It must be known that God does not represent any holy ghost titles that some may want to show.

First and foremost God wants everyone to consciously think about it this way that some preach with the holy ghost title that they send to you in your seats.

And this is a question that came from his Holy Spirit.

What do you feel or see when a ghost of some kind passes by? It always comes with eerie feelings and dark haze~Holy Spirit

And Creator God's Holy Spirit does not represent ghosts like titles or eerie ways.

So remember next time you are preaching, praying or getting prayed to, that whatever is called will certainly manifest and come to you.

There is nothing holy about a ghost and it's dark and devious ways, so Why do some individuals call God holy ghost when they pray, praise or pray for some of you some days?

Individuals need to be consciously aware of knowing their true breath of life's Creator the One and True God that has them walking safely each and every day. 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Spiritually Guided - Truth!

A land flowing with milk and honey is a land flowing with contentment and grace.

The world was made up of components of longitude and latitude of exordium defying extremities of devices and elements of the extreme definition.

The sun was made up of high pollutant theorematic of high velocity matured internal elements of combustion.

The voice of The thunder creates a deaf defying noise to lubricate the earth's curatorial mechanism of unfaulty extremities.

The wind is the element that lightens one's are connections.

The grass is the external compound of extreme high vincible material have is the covering of earthly extremities of high energize tissues.

The heart is the extremity of the body in high-velocity emergence power.

Movement is the awareness of cosmic advancing edifying entanglement of the energetic motivation tendencies.

Christmas is man's motivational acceptance of God's existence.

Holloween is the dark defying evil circumstantial maneuvering of the enemy's imps.

Easter is the day of contentional enjoyable activity by man's illusional happiness.

Black Friday is the day of distortion emporiums of man's intellectual inner self-destructive manner.

Lent is a time of bereavement.

Valentine's day is the day of man's unedifying falsely motivational way of comprehending love.

Mother's day is the day of man's illusional aspects of recurrence of untimely birth and aware.

Flowers are the elements of nature that let one exhibit a feel of contentment.

Water is the resource of the earth's collectible materialistic downpour of intensifying material.

Fire is the pollutant of hot material generated to extort to high velocity.

Food is the nutrient for the body, the substance as it is called.

Milk is the element of a collectible degree of protein and nutrients of the cow.

The Bible is the word of God manipulated by mankind in sequences to alter mankind's thinking.

A Bibical answer is a truth to all mankind.

Spiritualism and Spirituality are the new dimensions of heavenly aspirations.

Love. Is the element of the heart that guides the body to reach to its exhibital awareness.

A gift is just an influential materialistic device that promotes the body and emotions to an unrealistic sense of fulfillment.

Lost is the fundamental meaning of one's undefied unawareness and motion of one's self and being.

To understand space and it's governing body one must live in it to understand it.

Universal bubbles are not bubbles at all but are a mechanism of entity life distributed in space that is looking for safe ground.

Black holes are devices of deviances, holes of deviance and planetary convulsions.

The speed of light varies it depends on its automatism speed and clarity.

Quantum gravity is the mechanism field that makes it easy to maneuver, hover and remain stable in space.

The cosmos are built up of manufactured material from orbiting planets and stars the cosmos varies in areas of view.

Luna power has the right frequency pf embodiment that will sustain and enable a field of lunar direction feed.

Chemtrails are dust forming elements of oxidants based to produced hazardous elements in the atmosphere of mankind and surrounding areas, flu, and other harmful disease are released by this procedure as mankind see chemtrails as a display of art but Really and truly it's a distribution of harmful and effective bacteria in the atmosphere and on them.

Chocolate expands the brain's capacity and directs the brain in neurological ways, chocolate is the heart's accelerant absorbent, it enhances the brain cells, giving the brain capacity in growth and length distribution to maintain high volumes of information. Chocolate enhances the brain's neurochemical volume of speech identification and growth accelerants.

The brain has so many neurological components that are made up of so many tiny cells that adapt to a universal living for individuals to hear, see and know as to understand whatever is happening.

The brings light and the moon brings dark.

Ears can hear the echoes of the inner and outer world.

Mirrors are high-velocity mineral, heated up and melted to make an image maker distinguishable mirrors are used in the afterlife as the doorway of passages for spirits, guides and its a passageway into the afterlife.

The atmosphere lining is thinning each and every dayBiblicaland by this thinning,  elements from space are getting into the earth's atmosphere, and on its people, entities of all kind are flowing to the earth because of the thinning of the shield that was protecting it from outside elements.

The flu virus which is also manmade was made from strategic volumes of influenza, the flu virus was introduced to mankind as a kind of slow. Down accelerant, a way of slowing down the body, the flu can be controlled as mankind put in place an antibiotic in pill form and liquid form to attain and suppress its weakness.

Fingerprints can disclose one's identity in a numerical way.

The eye's iris evolves around the planetary system's color, texture, and size.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyes of its inhabitant.

Palm prints tell of one's existence in life.

Siberian holes are mother nature's way of opening up her pores to breathe out elements of congestions, these craters are not harmful as eventually, they will play a part in earth's repositioning field.

Homosexuality is a kind of entity collaborating with the government to gain popularity, space, and dominance.

The evolution of the planets is the time of destruction.

A heavenly sign is the sign of all times and a sign of heavenly visitors.

The nourishment of the body is the word of God on a platter.

Holy heaven is grand, hell is revorce.

Stardom is the superficial idolism of one's self-being.

Nero technology is the habitation of the devisal tolerance of one's mind.

The way of the windward is the longitude of the distance of time lapse economy predestination.

Pluto is not a planet, it is a star, it is a generating star, the biggest of it's kind in the universe.

Pyramids are ancient devices of channeling made by aliens as a connecting tool for and of a guide.

The earth's protective core is melting and the earth is getting hot, thus changing up the mechanism of atmospheric ways.

Lighting is extracted rays of beams that act as a conduct to lubricate the earth's core.

The moon is a planet of place where all entities roam and inhabit, underground bases are formed for some.

Footprints has a memorable meaning a standing of full assurance and ways.

Pores are small passages of gateways for air, and for the body to breathe.

Skin is the covering for human beings also a disguise for entities.

Speech is the reposition of one's language.

A new day is born and new souls are forgiven.

Wisdom is the key to knowledge.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Spiritually Empowered- The Missing Proverbs.

Life has its capacities and its incapacities of the distance that it takes us.

The perception of one's mind makes one gullible of timely procedures.

Enthusiasm in one's body and mind defers one's existence.

Criticism does not fulfill the body it weakens the core.

Knowledge of the mind is influential but brokenness of the heart is corruption.

Spiritualism and spirituality are the new dimensions of heavenly aspirations.

To know what you have seen and to acknowledge it's existence is persistence.

Death defers untimely changing.

To hear it to know it to see it and to speak it is influential to one's mind.

Gladness is the perception of one's heart.

To know the time and to call time is the manifestation of one's biological clock.

The misconception of one's mind illuminates ungratified unproportional elements.

Commitment is the seed to righteousness.

Miraculous healing opens up the mind to illusional asperations.

Uneven mannerism is the downfall of one's attitude.

Persistence and procedures are the windfalls of man's inhabitance.

Knowledge is the alignment of one's mind.

Equipping the mind with new knowledge is the evolution of tardiness.

To see all is to know all to know all is to hear all to hear all is to speak all.

The knowledge of one's mind is the habitation of its vessel.

The power of the mind and soul defers the power of untimely events.

Circumstantial interiosity is the fundamental science of an incorruptible mind.

Distance measures memory time measures events.

Incapabilities of one's soul is the corruption of one's heart.

Th speed of light defers the speed of commitment.

The essence of one's imagination makes one gullible of dimensions procedures.

The influential inhabitation of one's spirit is condemning to the soul.

Tolerance is virtue commitment is pleasing.

The misconception of one's mind defers the words of one's mouth.

Animosity is the absence of one's presence.

Maturity is the fulfillment of one's soul.

A never ending tale is the corruption of one's destiny.

Moral effect coincides  the morality of one's attitude and tolerance.

Misconception of one's  untimely passing is tge deviousness of one's mind.

A biblical answer is the truth to all mankind.

A man who is weary in heart is weary in thought and deed.

A no nonsense man is a man with upright attitude.

A mother of a child is a mother of his heart but the father of a people is the father of eternity.

Misguiding one's soul is tge corruption of envious virtures.

The mind has it's misconceptions of knowledge, it's misunderstandings and understandings of knowledge given to it.

An euthusiatic person is the lime light of one's heart.

Never underestimate  happiness let happiness underestimate you.

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

The rememberence of conversation is the key to success.

Knowledge is power life is perfection and ordinance.

All divine aspects of hearing point to the breaking of one's intelluctual being.

Memory is the brainchild of one's tardious attitude and commitment.

Envious decisiona and envious ways leads to envious break downs.

A man's intelluct defers his imagination.

One who walks in lighr always sees light, one who walks in darkness always see darkness.

A man's attitude depicts his appearance.

A no nonsense man has the seed to uprightness.

Predestined opposition is the element of tardiness.

Frustrating souls is the build up of destructive minds.

Knowledge is the window to the eyes, conversation is the departure of wisdom.

Commitment proceeds continued dedication of one's motivational esteem.

Pride is the downfall of mankind.

Envy is the destruction of the body.

Focus is the element of the eyes love is the brainchild of the heart.

Curiousity is tge input of one's delusional mind.

Misconcept and misconceed is the revoke of self dignity.

The more you look the more you will see and the more you know and hear is the more you will speak.

Tardiness is the destruction of healthy minds.

Compulsion is the envy of superstious ways.

Deocrocy is the manipulation of the mind.

Focusing on one's commitment is tendicies of one's calling.

Misconception of the heart is the betrayal of the body.

Misguiding one's mind is destroying one's integrity.

Nonsense is the pedicure to evil.

Diligence is the key to awareness.

Manipulation is the essence of a destroying mind.

Behavior tendicies is the brainchild to self correction and poise.

Illuminating of an ora is the holiness of the spirit and soul.

Misguiding the innocent is destroying your life.

Tale bearing is the confusion of the mind.

Excreet is the disposition of the body, filling is the resource of the heart.

Heaven is the covering for heavenly beings.

The sun lights the way for all to see, the moon lights the way for all to hear.

Misconcepting of spirit is a spirit with dross.

The eyes will see and the ears will hear but The soul will collect.

A man with attitude is a man with discreption.

Wisdom is the key to knowledge.

Knowing one's ability to defer right from wrong is the fundamental aspect of one's inhabitation.

Nature defers the element of a natural surrounding.

To fornicate is an abomination to one's intellect.

The Holy man has wisdom the prudent man has failure.

Never underestimate life because it never underestimate you.

A greedy man is a man of unselfish mind and spirit.

To know one's mind is the wisdom of God.

Crafty men produce whole wear,dull men produce empty vessels.

The time for this century is now, the time for that century was then.

A prudent and distasteful man is a man of non existant heart.

Minding one's business is a sin, helping one's business is a care.

A non existant heart is the condemnation of one's attitude,  distasteful and prudent behavior.

Creation was meant for mankind to enjoy not for mankind to destroy.

A lonely Heart brings sorrow a happy heart brings peace and contentment.

Peace to all men on earth means peace to all men not scare man or kill man.

A weary heart and thought of a man is a man of suicidal tendicies.

The misconcuse of one's mind is the habitation of one's intellect.

Degrading one's pride is the beginning of one's freedom.

Compulsive attitude is the brainchild of destructive behavior.

Morals and standards is the equipment for greatness.

Adultrous tendicies is the corruption of one's mind, spirit, soul and heart.

A new day is born and new souls are forgotten.

Miraculous healing is the commitment and brainchild of God.

To concuse one's meaning is to disregard his thoughts.

A jealous wife brings envy and scorn a jealous husband brings uncommitment and disgrace.

To walk a long path is nothing to walk, to cut a long path is the end of your journey.

Newness brings sencerity of heart.

To be spiteful is to loose one's emotional being.

To disregard one's self esteem is to disregard one's self appeal.

Making an unwise decision is the beginning of lost ventures.

To inhabit the world means to live in it, to inhabit a heart means to control it.

Knowledge is the understanding of one's mind.
Speech is the reposition of one's language.

Newness is the appraisal of one's self.

Anganism is the forefront of envy.

Solitude is the economy of tardiness.

Disposition is the area of timely matters.
Knowledge, wisdom and undestanding combined gives you an articulate vessel.

Matters matter less happiness matter most.

Regeneration is the evolution of man's inhabital genes.

Stardom is the superfical idolism of one's self being.

Materialistic venues lead to materialistic attitude and commitment.

Holy heaven is grand hell is revorce.

An untimely visitation and events clarifies untimely essence.

Maturity of the mind is the evolution of the heart.

Disciplinary action is the forefront of disciplinary minds.

An average institution of minds depicts an average institution of well beings.

Miraculous healings is the divine disposition of God's manifestation into impartatious souls.

The clarity of one's inhabitance to this world is the forefront of one's existance.

Medocity is the element of confusion, uncomfortable mind ways and superfical methods.

Standing in one's ways means standing in one's perpectual lime light.

A reproductive mind is a mind with enfluential understanding and profiles.

A disregard for your peers is a disregard for your future.

To inherit one's mind and heart is to inherit the desposition of one's soul.

An untimely manner resolves untimely issues.

One's maturity will explode to one's mind.

A happy man is a man of contentment.

A God fearing man is a man with the representation of Godly mannerism.

A people of understanding is a people of appraisal.

A person with a no nonsense attitude is a person of high institutions.

The nurishment of the body is the word of God on a platter.

The evolution of the planets is the time of distruction.

A heavenly sign is the sign of all times and a sign of heavenly visitors.

The newness of one's heart is the dictation of one's intelluctal emotions.

Man can no do what I can do for him and I can not do what man pushed me to do.

The diffence between tardiness and wholesomeness is Truth.

A man with his mind made up is a man with sleepless hours.

A woman who has disreguard for her husband is a woman of displeasing taste.

A child who obeys his father is a child of committed ways.

The misconception of one's dignity is the misuse of one's habitoral efficiency.

The newness of one's heart is the refreshing of one's commitment.

My Father has created woman for man juat as I have created Love for you.

I was sent here to die for you now I am here to rekindle you.

I will not loose any of my sheep and my sheep will not loose any of me.

The Love of My heart is the Love of My people the hate of their hearts is the hate of the enemy.

A precious gem in my eyes is a man without flaws.

I sent man to inhabit the earth so That the earth maybe craddle like a child.

A man with disregard for his child is a man with distructive ways.

A man whose heart is not in me is a man with partations of evil.

A land that is full of bread and honey is a land full of contentment and grace.

The element of the definition of untimely exhibition is nuroistic to the fundamental origination of one's talent.

Nerro technology is the habitation of the definal tolerance of one's mind.

Extreme behavior conditions of the mind circumcise the exteriorties of one's imagination

Relivance is the procedual functions of one's inhabital extortion.

Commitment is the base to one's exorcism of extreme doubts.

Misguiding one's extorial exclamaties is the brainchild of one's extreme novalties.

Misinstituting one's brain is the distortion of self defying pitiness.

Exclamation of one's mind defers one to intellectual informal procedures.

Resorting one's time schedule is the defining of one's motivational event tolerance.

A man with inward disposition of one's existing maturity is when a man see undisbelieving normalities.

The aound of man's voice ia directed to the path of untimely immutable undefying illusional normalities morphosis.

Mutal friendship is friendship that stand against the time.

Behavior in child like actions create a sense of informal behavior patterns of the isotactic mind.

The sin of a man cause a rapture of defying exhibitoral effect.

A man with a kind heart is a man with extreme pleasing.

A man with a bad mind is a man with unselfish motivations.

A man who is ashamed is a man of hidden awares.

A man who speaks fluent languages is a man who defiles the memoristic gene of the mind.

Love is the element of the heart that guides the body to reach to it's exhibital awareness.

Lost is the fundemental meaning of one's undefyed awareness and motion of one's self and being.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Eyes! -Windows Of Doorways To The Soul.

Just like the hugs, handshakes and touches the eyes are also a place of entry of which things can flow as eyes are the windows yes! The doorway to your soul.

And the eyes can also show up the lies of what is hiding inside and spiritually they can also hypnotize.

And as I said before good energy flows from good and bad energy flows from bad.

It's like their fruits of what everyone bare and individuals need to be consciously aware.

Once on television, you would watch some kind of movie showing an individual and the other one as they try to hypnotize them tells them to ‘‘ Look into my eyes’’

And in this era of a strong dimensional shift, things are in fact happening and individuals must be aware.

As the control, truths or lies can be done or revealed by staring into someone's eyes.

And just by the staring into the eyes of an individual with bad elements in seconds individuals can get hypnotized.

And it's a way that they do to get some things from you as they try to control you.

And as always small children can pick up all kinds of elements around so please be aware whatever your child to you say.

And I just want to say that some individuals are really careless in ways.

As pregnant ladies let every and anyone touch their bellies, and they are not conscious to know who carry good or bad energies.

And you must be aware that seeds are planted each day by individuals with bad elements that want to make groups of people go their dark devious way.

And planting seedlings is what a lot of them do, as their take an innocent child from you.

Or when they touch pregnant bellies and wants you to think that they want the best for you.

The first encounter I had was with a couple and their child.

When they want a child they control the parents to get the child.

I was in the store and this lady that they seemed to know.

Try to take the child out of their arms and the child wouldn't go and it caused a crying that was like an alarm.

Well, she then went to the couple and she just rubbed her hands on the child as she stared into the parent's eyes and they just hand over their child as it continues crying and acting all wild.

The child was pulling away and as I watched the parents were just standing there looking all hypnotized and controlled by the woman that stared into their eyes.

Then she gave the look to the child and it became very mild as It calmed down.

When I saw her eyes I immediately saw the entity.

As the whites of her eyes were filled with a black root like matter that looks like a dark devious mystery.

The showing of a black looking matter that was the entity itself.

I then made my presence known as I intervened and look at the entity and told it to leave the family alone.

As It looked at me the hypnotizing way it had on the couple immediately wore off, as I saw them snap out of it with a look of something strange just happened.

 Immediately they took their child from the lady and speedily walk off.

And I also had an experience where I had to take a child from the arms of some people that was trying to plant seeds.

That left the child's body so cold like it was in a deep freeze.

And since then I've been so conscious of the individuals that walk around with this rooted devious dark looking matter of entities showing in their eyes.

As I said the eyes always and will always show up the lies.

That is why being spiritually awake is so essential in these days, as you are aware of seeing who and what is coming your way.  

And spiritually awakening is not for the faint-hearted that is a fact that I can tell you, fear has no place and it's never allowed.

Just a strong faith and boldness of and on a truthful standing as you get to understand your true Creator and your being of existing.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

See And Know The Spirits Behind The Touch.

First and foremost I just want to say that I am not here to put fear in anyone. 

I am here to empower everyone to a conscious state of knowing the elements that walk around with you on this earthly realm. 

And for you to know the snares and methods of their ways. 

Also as a directional way from experiences that some individuals went through, may go through or is going through. 

They will know when someone with bad elements is trying to steal or give them bad energies. 

Some individuals from young didn't and now grown still doesn't like to be hugged touched or shake hands. 

And no one should misinterpret their ways, as some of these individuals are in a growing state of consciousness with the understanding of spiritual ways. 

Some individuals thought that Mr. J Bieber was crazy when he said individuals by touching and connecting with him was stealing his energy. 

And he was so correct about what he was saying, you see! Just like Mr. J, Bieber more individuals are spiritually awakening. 

And hugs from the wrong individuals with elements can also steal your energy, as they hug you so that they can cloak you, it's a direct contact as your being is in a face to face positioning scene. 

You know! When some individuals are conscious and spiritually speaking, man sometimes can not comprehend and they always think that the individual is hallucinating. 

It does take someone spiritual to understand spirituality and before long so much of you will. 

As when individals know of it's existance they will have a better understanding of how things are working. 

Some individuals may have or are going through spiritual things that they don't understand, and that person should not be condemned as hallucinating as so many of you categorized. 

And they are not as they are just talking about what they are spiritually seeing feeling sensing or experiencing. 

Some so often keep quiet because of being criticized and scrutinized. 

Individuals need to know that Truths are so big, and it can get so much work done as It will continue to do this day. 

The human body is made up of massive energy and if you could turn off the worldly lights to spiritually look and see.
You will see your spiritual beings as they light up the night with light as all spiritual eyes do see. 
And individuals need to know that good energy flows from good and bad energy flows from bad. 
So just be consciously aware of knowing who or what touch you with it's hand. 
You see! A touch is not the same anymore, as it's now a doorway for a spiritual flow. 
Now when certain individuals touch you on your body and if you are sensitive enough you might feel a sharp pain in your back, that would make you feel like you just need your back to crack. 
Or a touch that just makes your head hurt, and all you want to do is rest and do nothing not ever sports.
As the middle or top of your inner back would just tighten like you were in a gym weight lifting. 
Or it may be a spiritual feeling like snake-like slithering that you maybe trying to figure out. 
Even a flash flow of crawling elements that feel like ants that try to put you on a sexual flow, to go with the individual wherever they may want you to go. 
Or a handshake that just leaves your hand feeling cold, and you know that you haven't been in water, outside in the cold or snow. 
You see a touch is not the same anymore as spiritual eyes wide open will see that it was always a spiritual thing.
As getting touch by the wrong individual so many negative elements it can try to bring. 
So watch those who touch you, and be aware of what they want their touch to do.
Know the ones that touch and hold you as a source for energy, as their steal and live off your energy from your body.
And if you're spiritually awaken you will know as you feel your energy being taken or know if it is something they are sending.
Always be conscious to know the tricks behind each element you meet, to know the snares they are wearing before you take their hand or touch as they like to greet. 
Always know they energies with them that flow, and be always be aware for sure. 
This is an era that needs spiritual awakening by all, and for everyone to be strong enough to stand and not fall. 
As a strong spiritual way needs to be in wear for you to always know and go the right way.
As a physical contact is all they need, to get you to follow their lead.