Wednesday, 1 February 2017

See And Know The Spirits Behind The Touch.

First and foremost I just want to say that I am not here to put fear in anyone. 

I am here to empower everyone to a conscious state of knowing the elements that walk around with you on this earthly realm. 

And for you to know the snares and methods of their ways. 

Also as a directional way from experiences that some individuals went through, may go through or is going through. 

They will know when someone with bad elements is trying to steal or give them bad energies. 

Some individuals from young didn't and now grown still doesn't like to be hugged touched or shake hands. 

And no one should misinterpret their ways, as some of these individuals are in a growing state of consciousness with the understanding of spiritual ways. 

Some individuals thought that Mr. J Bieber was crazy when he said individuals by touching and connecting with him was stealing his energy. 

And he was so correct about what he was saying, you see! Just like Mr. J, Bieber more individuals are spiritually awakening. 

And hugs from the wrong individuals with elements can also steal your energy, as they hug you so that they can cloak you, it's a direct contact as your being is in a face to face positioning scene. 

You know! When some individuals are conscious and spiritually speaking, man sometimes can not comprehend and they always think that the individual is hallucinating. 

It does take someone spiritual to understand spirituality and before long so much of you will. 

As when individals know of it's existance they will have a better understanding of how things are working. 

Some individuals may have or are going through spiritual things that they don't understand, and that person should not be condemned as hallucinating as so many of you categorized. 

And they are not as they are just talking about what they are spiritually seeing feeling sensing or experiencing. 

Some so often keep quiet because of being criticized and scrutinized. 

Individuals need to know that Truths are so big, and it can get so much work done as It will continue to do this day. 

The human body is made up of massive energy and if you could turn off the worldly lights to spiritually look and see.
You will see your spiritual beings as they light up the night with light as all spiritual eyes do see. 
And individuals need to know that good energy flows from good and bad energy flows from bad. 
So just be consciously aware of knowing who or what touch you with it's hand. 
You see! A touch is not the same anymore, as it's now a doorway for a spiritual flow. 
Now when certain individuals touch you on your body and if you are sensitive enough you might feel a sharp pain in your back, that would make you feel like you just need your back to crack. 
Or a touch that just makes your head hurt, and all you want to do is rest and do nothing not ever sports.
As the middle or top of your inner back would just tighten like you were in a gym weight lifting. 
Or it may be a spiritual feeling like snake-like slithering that you maybe trying to figure out. 
Even a flash flow of crawling elements that feel like ants that try to put you on a sexual flow, to go with the individual wherever they may want you to go. 
Or a handshake that just leaves your hand feeling cold, and you know that you haven't been in water, outside in the cold or snow. 
You see a touch is not the same anymore as spiritual eyes wide open will see that it was always a spiritual thing.
As getting touch by the wrong individual so many negative elements it can try to bring. 
So watch those who touch you, and be aware of what they want their touch to do.
Know the ones that touch and hold you as a source for energy, as their steal and live off your energy from your body.
And if you're spiritually awaken you will know as you feel your energy being taken or know if it is something they are sending.
Always be conscious to know the tricks behind each element you meet, to know the snares they are wearing before you take their hand or touch as they like to greet. 
Always know they energies with them that flow, and be always be aware for sure. 
This is an era that needs spiritual awakening by all, and for everyone to be strong enough to stand and not fall. 
As a strong spiritual way needs to be in wear for you to always know and go the right way.
As a physical contact is all they need, to get you to follow their lead.

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