Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Eyes! -Windows Of Doorways To The Soul.

Just like the hugs, handshakes and touches the eyes are also a place of entry of which things can flow as eyes are the windows yes! The doorway to your soul.

And the eyes can also show up the lies of what is hiding inside and spiritually they can also hypnotize.

And as I said before good energy flows from good and bad energy flows from bad.

It's like their fruits of what everyone bare and individuals need to be consciously aware.

Once on television, you would watch some kind of movie showing an individual and the other one as they try to hypnotize them tells them to ‘‘ Look into my eyes’’

And in this era of a strong dimensional shift, things are in fact happening and individuals must be aware.

As the control, truths or lies can be done or revealed by staring into someone's eyes.

And just by the staring into the eyes of an individual with bad elements in seconds individuals can get hypnotized.

And it's a way that they do to get some things from you as they try to control you.

And as always small children can pick up all kinds of elements around so please be aware whatever your child to you say.

And I just want to say that some individuals are really careless in ways.

As pregnant ladies let every and anyone touch their bellies, and they are not conscious to know who carry good or bad energies.

And you must be aware that seeds are planted each day by individuals with bad elements that want to make groups of people go their dark devious way.

And planting seedlings is what a lot of them do, as their take an innocent child from you.

Or when they touch pregnant bellies and wants you to think that they want the best for you.

The first encounter I had was with a couple and their child.

When they want a child they control the parents to get the child.

I was in the store and this lady that they seemed to know.

Try to take the child out of their arms and the child wouldn't go and it caused a crying that was like an alarm.

Well, she then went to the couple and she just rubbed her hands on the child as she stared into the parent's eyes and they just hand over their child as it continues crying and acting all wild.

The child was pulling away and as I watched the parents were just standing there looking all hypnotized and controlled by the woman that stared into their eyes.

Then she gave the look to the child and it became very mild as It calmed down.

When I saw her eyes I immediately saw the entity.

As the whites of her eyes were filled with a black root like matter that looks like a dark devious mystery.

The showing of a black looking matter that was the entity itself.

I then made my presence known as I intervened and look at the entity and told it to leave the family alone.

As It looked at me the hypnotizing way it had on the couple immediately wore off, as I saw them snap out of it with a look of something strange just happened.

 Immediately they took their child from the lady and speedily walk off.

And I also had an experience where I had to take a child from the arms of some people that was trying to plant seeds.

That left the child's body so cold like it was in a deep freeze.

And since then I've been so conscious of the individuals that walk around with this rooted devious dark looking matter of entities showing in their eyes.

As I said the eyes always and will always show up the lies.

That is why being spiritually awake is so essential in these days, as you are aware of seeing who and what is coming your way.  

And spiritually awakening is not for the faint-hearted that is a fact that I can tell you, fear has no place and it's never allowed.

Just a strong faith and boldness of and on a truthful standing as you get to understand your true Creator and your being of existing.

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