Saturday, 25 March 2017

Spiritually Empowered- The Missing Proverbs.

Life has its capacities and its incapacities of the distance that it takes us.

The perception of one's mind makes one gullible of timely procedures.

Enthusiasm in one's body and mind defers one's existence.

Criticism does not fulfill the body it weakens the core.

Knowledge of the mind is influential but brokenness of the heart is corruption.

Spiritualism and spirituality are the new dimensions of heavenly aspirations.

To know what you have seen and to acknowledge it's existence is persistence.

Death defers untimely changing.

To hear it to know it to see it and to speak it is influential to one's mind.

Gladness is the perception of one's heart.

To know the time and to call time is the manifestation of one's biological clock.

The misconception of one's mind illuminates ungratified unproportional elements.

Commitment is the seed to righteousness.

Miraculous healing opens up the mind to illusional asperations.

Uneven mannerism is the downfall of one's attitude.

Persistence and procedures are the windfalls of man's inhabitance.

Knowledge is the alignment of one's mind.

Equipping the mind with new knowledge is the evolution of tardiness.

To see all is to know all to know all is to hear all to hear all is to speak all.

The knowledge of one's mind is the habitation of its vessel.

The power of the mind and soul defers the power of untimely events.

Circumstantial interiosity is the fundamental science of an incorruptible mind.

Distance measures memory time measures events.

Incapabilities of one's soul is the corruption of one's heart.

Th speed of light defers the speed of commitment.

The essence of one's imagination makes one gullible of dimensions procedures.

The influential inhabitation of one's spirit is condemning to the soul.

Tolerance is virtue commitment is pleasing.

The misconception of one's mind defers the words of one's mouth.

Animosity is the absence of one's presence.

Maturity is the fulfillment of one's soul.

A never ending tale is the corruption of one's destiny.

Moral effect coincides  the morality of one's attitude and tolerance.

Misconception of one's  untimely passing is tge deviousness of one's mind.

A biblical answer is the truth to all mankind.

A man who is weary in heart is weary in thought and deed.

A no nonsense man is a man with upright attitude.

A mother of a child is a mother of his heart but the father of a people is the father of eternity.

Misguiding one's soul is tge corruption of envious virtures.

The mind has it's misconceptions of knowledge, it's misunderstandings and understandings of knowledge given to it.

An euthusiatic person is the lime light of one's heart.

Never underestimate  happiness let happiness underestimate you.

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

The rememberence of conversation is the key to success.

Knowledge is power life is perfection and ordinance.

All divine aspects of hearing point to the breaking of one's intelluctual being.

Memory is the brainchild of one's tardious attitude and commitment.

Envious decisiona and envious ways leads to envious break downs.

A man's intelluct defers his imagination.

One who walks in lighr always sees light, one who walks in darkness always see darkness.

A man's attitude depicts his appearance.

A no nonsense man has the seed to uprightness.

Predestined opposition is the element of tardiness.

Frustrating souls is the build up of destructive minds.

Knowledge is the window to the eyes, conversation is the departure of wisdom.

Commitment proceeds continued dedication of one's motivational esteem.

Pride is the downfall of mankind.

Envy is the destruction of the body.

Focus is the element of the eyes love is the brainchild of the heart.

Curiousity is tge input of one's delusional mind.

Misconcept and misconceed is the revoke of self dignity.

The more you look the more you will see and the more you know and hear is the more you will speak.

Tardiness is the destruction of healthy minds.

Compulsion is the envy of superstious ways.

Deocrocy is the manipulation of the mind.

Focusing on one's commitment is tendicies of one's calling.

Misconception of the heart is the betrayal of the body.

Misguiding one's mind is destroying one's integrity.

Nonsense is the pedicure to evil.

Diligence is the key to awareness.

Manipulation is the essence of a destroying mind.

Behavior tendicies is the brainchild to self correction and poise.

Illuminating of an ora is the holiness of the spirit and soul.

Misguiding the innocent is destroying your life.

Tale bearing is the confusion of the mind.

Excreet is the disposition of the body, filling is the resource of the heart.

Heaven is the covering for heavenly beings.

The sun lights the way for all to see, the moon lights the way for all to hear.

Misconcepting of spirit is a spirit with dross.

The eyes will see and the ears will hear but The soul will collect.

A man with attitude is a man with discreption.

Wisdom is the key to knowledge.

Knowing one's ability to defer right from wrong is the fundamental aspect of one's inhabitation.

Nature defers the element of a natural surrounding.

To fornicate is an abomination to one's intellect.

The Holy man has wisdom the prudent man has failure.

Never underestimate life because it never underestimate you.

A greedy man is a man of unselfish mind and spirit.

To know one's mind is the wisdom of God.

Crafty men produce whole wear,dull men produce empty vessels.

The time for this century is now, the time for that century was then.

A prudent and distasteful man is a man of non existant heart.

Minding one's business is a sin, helping one's business is a care.

A non existant heart is the condemnation of one's attitude,  distasteful and prudent behavior.

Creation was meant for mankind to enjoy not for mankind to destroy.

A lonely Heart brings sorrow a happy heart brings peace and contentment.

Peace to all men on earth means peace to all men not scare man or kill man.

A weary heart and thought of a man is a man of suicidal tendicies.

The misconcuse of one's mind is the habitation of one's intellect.

Degrading one's pride is the beginning of one's freedom.

Compulsive attitude is the brainchild of destructive behavior.

Morals and standards is the equipment for greatness.

Adultrous tendicies is the corruption of one's mind, spirit, soul and heart.

A new day is born and new souls are forgotten.

Miraculous healing is the commitment and brainchild of God.

To concuse one's meaning is to disregard his thoughts.

A jealous wife brings envy and scorn a jealous husband brings uncommitment and disgrace.

To walk a long path is nothing to walk, to cut a long path is the end of your journey.

Newness brings sencerity of heart.

To be spiteful is to loose one's emotional being.

To disregard one's self esteem is to disregard one's self appeal.

Making an unwise decision is the beginning of lost ventures.

To inhabit the world means to live in it, to inhabit a heart means to control it.

Knowledge is the understanding of one's mind.
Speech is the reposition of one's language.

Newness is the appraisal of one's self.

Anganism is the forefront of envy.

Solitude is the economy of tardiness.

Disposition is the area of timely matters.
Knowledge, wisdom and undestanding combined gives you an articulate vessel.

Matters matter less happiness matter most.

Regeneration is the evolution of man's inhabital genes.

Stardom is the superfical idolism of one's self being.

Materialistic venues lead to materialistic attitude and commitment.

Holy heaven is grand hell is revorce.

An untimely visitation and events clarifies untimely essence.

Maturity of the mind is the evolution of the heart.

Disciplinary action is the forefront of disciplinary minds.

An average institution of minds depicts an average institution of well beings.

Miraculous healings is the divine disposition of God's manifestation into impartatious souls.

The clarity of one's inhabitance to this world is the forefront of one's existance.

Medocity is the element of confusion, uncomfortable mind ways and superfical methods.

Standing in one's ways means standing in one's perpectual lime light.

A reproductive mind is a mind with enfluential understanding and profiles.

A disregard for your peers is a disregard for your future.

To inherit one's mind and heart is to inherit the desposition of one's soul.

An untimely manner resolves untimely issues.

One's maturity will explode to one's mind.

A happy man is a man of contentment.

A God fearing man is a man with the representation of Godly mannerism.

A people of understanding is a people of appraisal.

A person with a no nonsense attitude is a person of high institutions.

The nurishment of the body is the word of God on a platter.

The evolution of the planets is the time of distruction.

A heavenly sign is the sign of all times and a sign of heavenly visitors.

The newness of one's heart is the dictation of one's intelluctal emotions.

Man can no do what I can do for him and I can not do what man pushed me to do.

The diffence between tardiness and wholesomeness is Truth.

A man with his mind made up is a man with sleepless hours.

A woman who has disreguard for her husband is a woman of displeasing taste.

A child who obeys his father is a child of committed ways.

The misconception of one's dignity is the misuse of one's habitoral efficiency.

The newness of one's heart is the refreshing of one's commitment.

My Father has created woman for man juat as I have created Love for you.

I was sent here to die for you now I am here to rekindle you.

I will not loose any of my sheep and my sheep will not loose any of me.

The Love of My heart is the Love of My people the hate of their hearts is the hate of the enemy.

A precious gem in my eyes is a man without flaws.

I sent man to inhabit the earth so That the earth maybe craddle like a child.

A man with disregard for his child is a man with distructive ways.

A man whose heart is not in me is a man with partations of evil.

A land that is full of bread and honey is a land full of contentment and grace.

The element of the definition of untimely exhibition is nuroistic to the fundamental origination of one's talent.

Nerro technology is the habitation of the definal tolerance of one's mind.

Extreme behavior conditions of the mind circumcise the exteriorties of one's imagination

Relivance is the procedual functions of one's inhabital extortion.

Commitment is the base to one's exorcism of extreme doubts.

Misguiding one's extorial exclamaties is the brainchild of one's extreme novalties.

Misinstituting one's brain is the distortion of self defying pitiness.

Exclamation of one's mind defers one to intellectual informal procedures.

Resorting one's time schedule is the defining of one's motivational event tolerance.

A man with inward disposition of one's existing maturity is when a man see undisbelieving normalities.

The aound of man's voice ia directed to the path of untimely immutable undefying illusional normalities morphosis.

Mutal friendship is friendship that stand against the time.

Behavior in child like actions create a sense of informal behavior patterns of the isotactic mind.

The sin of a man cause a rapture of defying exhibitoral effect.

A man with a kind heart is a man with extreme pleasing.

A man with a bad mind is a man with unselfish motivations.

A man who is ashamed is a man of hidden awares.

A man who speaks fluent languages is a man who defiles the memoristic gene of the mind.

Love is the element of the heart that guides the body to reach to it's exhibital awareness.

Lost is the fundemental meaning of one's undefyed awareness and motion of one's self and being.

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