Sunday, 26 March 2017

Spiritually Guided - Truth!

A land flowing with milk and honey is a land flowing with contentment and grace.

The world was made up of components of longitude and latitude of exordium defying extremities of devices and elements of the extreme definition.

The sun was made up of high pollutant theorematic of high velocity matured internal elements of combustion.

The voice of The thunder creates a deaf defying noise to lubricate the earth's curatorial mechanism of unfaulty extremities.

The wind is the element that lightens one's are connections.

The grass is the external compound of extreme high vincible material have is the covering of earthly extremities of high energize tissues.

The heart is the extremity of the body in high-velocity emergence power.

Movement is the awareness of cosmic advancing edifying entanglement of the energetic motivation tendencies.

Christmas is man's motivational acceptance of God's existence.

Holloween is the dark defying evil circumstantial maneuvering of the enemy's imps.

Easter is the day of contentional enjoyable activity by man's illusional happiness.

Black Friday is the day of distortion emporiums of man's intellectual inner self-destructive manner.

Lent is a time of bereavement.

Valentine's day is the day of man's unedifying falsely motivational way of comprehending love.

Mother's day is the day of man's illusional aspects of recurrence of untimely birth and aware.

Flowers are the elements of nature that let one exhibit a feel of contentment.

Water is the resource of the earth's collectible materialistic downpour of intensifying material.

Fire is the pollutant of hot material generated to extort to high velocity.

Food is the nutrient for the body, the substance as it is called.

Milk is the element of a collectible degree of protein and nutrients of the cow.

The Bible is the word of God manipulated by mankind in sequences to alter mankind's thinking.

A Bibical answer is a truth to all mankind.

Spiritualism and Spirituality are the new dimensions of heavenly aspirations.

Love. Is the element of the heart that guides the body to reach to its exhibital awareness.

A gift is just an influential materialistic device that promotes the body and emotions to an unrealistic sense of fulfillment.

Lost is the fundamental meaning of one's undefied unawareness and motion of one's self and being.

To understand space and it's governing body one must live in it to understand it.

Universal bubbles are not bubbles at all but are a mechanism of entity life distributed in space that is looking for safe ground.

Black holes are devices of deviances, holes of deviance and planetary convulsions.

The speed of light varies it depends on its automatism speed and clarity.

Quantum gravity is the mechanism field that makes it easy to maneuver, hover and remain stable in space.

The cosmos are built up of manufactured material from orbiting planets and stars the cosmos varies in areas of view.

Luna power has the right frequency pf embodiment that will sustain and enable a field of lunar direction feed.

Chemtrails are dust forming elements of oxidants based to produced hazardous elements in the atmosphere of mankind and surrounding areas, flu, and other harmful disease are released by this procedure as mankind see chemtrails as a display of art but Really and truly it's a distribution of harmful and effective bacteria in the atmosphere and on them.

Chocolate expands the brain's capacity and directs the brain in neurological ways, chocolate is the heart's accelerant absorbent, it enhances the brain cells, giving the brain capacity in growth and length distribution to maintain high volumes of information. Chocolate enhances the brain's neurochemical volume of speech identification and growth accelerants.

The brain has so many neurological components that are made up of so many tiny cells that adapt to a universal living for individuals to hear, see and know as to understand whatever is happening.

The brings light and the moon brings dark.

Ears can hear the echoes of the inner and outer world.

Mirrors are high-velocity mineral, heated up and melted to make an image maker distinguishable mirrors are used in the afterlife as the doorway of passages for spirits, guides and its a passageway into the afterlife.

The atmosphere lining is thinning each and every dayBiblicaland by this thinning,  elements from space are getting into the earth's atmosphere, and on its people, entities of all kind are flowing to the earth because of the thinning of the shield that was protecting it from outside elements.

The flu virus which is also manmade was made from strategic volumes of influenza, the flu virus was introduced to mankind as a kind of slow. Down accelerant, a way of slowing down the body, the flu can be controlled as mankind put in place an antibiotic in pill form and liquid form to attain and suppress its weakness.

Fingerprints can disclose one's identity in a numerical way.

The eye's iris evolves around the planetary system's color, texture, and size.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyes of its inhabitant.

Palm prints tell of one's existence in life.

Siberian holes are mother nature's way of opening up her pores to breathe out elements of congestions, these craters are not harmful as eventually, they will play a part in earth's repositioning field.

Homosexuality is a kind of entity collaborating with the government to gain popularity, space, and dominance.

The evolution of the planets is the time of destruction.

A heavenly sign is the sign of all times and a sign of heavenly visitors.

The nourishment of the body is the word of God on a platter.

Holy heaven is grand, hell is revorce.

Stardom is the superficial idolism of one's self-being.

Nero technology is the habitation of the devisal tolerance of one's mind.

The way of the windward is the longitude of the distance of time lapse economy predestination.

Pluto is not a planet, it is a star, it is a generating star, the biggest of it's kind in the universe.

Pyramids are ancient devices of channeling made by aliens as a connecting tool for and of a guide.

The earth's protective core is melting and the earth is getting hot, thus changing up the mechanism of atmospheric ways.

Lighting is extracted rays of beams that act as a conduct to lubricate the earth's core.

The moon is a planet of place where all entities roam and inhabit, underground bases are formed for some.

Footprints has a memorable meaning a standing of full assurance and ways.

Pores are small passages of gateways for air, and for the body to breathe.

Skin is the covering for human beings also a disguise for entities.

Speech is the reposition of one's language.

A new day is born and new souls are forgiven.

Wisdom is the key to knowledge.

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