Monday, 3 April 2017

What God's Presence Is Really-A Holy Spirit and not a ghost that is scary.

There is a false way that some individuals try to describe God and his way.

And today It must be known that God does not represent any holy ghost titles that some may want to show.

First and foremost God wants everyone to consciously think about it this way that some preach with the holy ghost title that they send to you in your seats.

And this is a question that came from his Holy Spirit.

What do you feel or see when a ghost of some kind passes by? It always comes with eerie feelings and dark haze~Holy Spirit

And Creator God's Holy Spirit does not represent ghosts like titles or eerie ways.

So remember next time you are preaching, praying or getting prayed to, that whatever is called will certainly manifest and come to you.

There is nothing holy about a ghost and it's dark and devious ways, so Why do some individuals call God holy ghost when they pray, praise or pray for some of you some days?

Individuals need to be consciously aware of knowing their true breath of life's Creator the One and True God that has them walking safely each and every day. 

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