Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Messages Behind The Message.

Motivating individuals is a good thing to do as it should always represent a good way that helps your brother man out, what ever truthful way one distribute aspects of motivational empowerment
to individuals.

There must be a truthful and dedicated heart behind every distribution of empowering feed.

I see many post of motivational chain link messaging that command individuals to type amen as a way of showing their aligence and dedication to God,and what I can say here is that I never trusted some of these kinds of chain link messages of ways.

As I never felt a truthful heart behind the messages and messengers.

It's just a posting of a message that was sent to someone else,and as far as typing amen as an agreement to any post,I never do because a lot of strange elements are camouflage and linked behind some of these messenging motivational links of messages that asked for an agreement.

Some even challenge individuals to type amen if they want their life, money or love Jesus.

As I said and I hope that individuals don't get me wrong but God is not a wheel of fortune that you are trying to win.

My thing is and I spiritually know that these kinds of aspects of ways is not for me as I already know that my Creator love me as I do him and his Holy Spirit and it's all with an everlasting love and I spend every day in my life acknowledging him and what he has done for me from young up to now.

God is willed to everyone and anyone who has his or her will to commit to a true relationship with him and to embrace him for who he truly is .

God is never pushed on anyone as everyone has a will power to decide what it is that they truly want.
God is found when individuals look for him and want him.

And most of the time when these messaging type amen post is sent to me,they just feel like there are intruding and being pushed in a false way and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

As i just feel a blunt wall of some kind,and an individual being control to send a posting feed with no kind of true heart felt ways in them.

Just a I see I do type of element of way to send a posting feed.

I always say if a true heart isn't in it don't send it.

Words do speak volume and I can spiritually,feel,sense,hear,taste and smell words that is coming from an individual and the aspects of ways and elements behind them.

And I always know if they are sent from a true heart.

Yes! I can read heart and the whole individuals them self,and that is how I can identify individuals,as my other giftings allows me to.

And through my years of finding my true spiritual way I witness and recognize how easily individuals can get trap into some false ways of believing in their true creator of existence.

And Yes! Everyone that has a heart for God wants to know their true Creator God , and they will go after aspect of ways that they think is him,but as always they must be cautious and descerning to make sure that it is truly him and his way.

The name Jesus is quotes by itself or with the blood and even before I became highly spiritual I always felt in my being that it was not said in the right content.

I knew that something was wrong with that kind of introduction to God's reverence.

And it was only in my later years of spirituality that I found out my feelings for the introduction.

When I experienced as I saw a cult with much witchery using the same theme of introduction.

And they used the name and the blood representation to call upon an evil entity they call God.

And I had a rewind in my being of why my feeling was.

I do not and will not accept anyone who does not identify Jesus Christ of Nazareth in full view of description.

As the enemy and his agents also use the name Jesus but not in full documentation of discriptional aspects.
As a reference as to show you what I mean.

Before I was highly spiritual I was going to a house church and other normal churches also.

But it was my experiences at the house church that made me to really embrace my spiritual giftings even more.

The man leading the church that called himself a pastor would call me up all types of hours at my home and told me to receive it in Jesus name.

And me thinking it was  all from my creator world accept,not knowing that I actually receiving not blessing but curses on myself.

As Father Creator God told and showed me how devious individual prey on others instead of pray.

Then one day when my phone rang Holy Spirit spoke to me and ask me why am I accepting what the man was telling me to receive when I did not know what it was.

I answered the phone and when the man told me to receive it I told him full out no that I will not be accepting anything, and I ask him what is it really that he wants me to receive.

After I said that he just became silent and put the phone down and he never call me again to tell me to receive anything.

Futher more he told me that God did not want me to go back to the house church.

But I was invited by a lady and I went and saw much that was wrong   and I did show up what I saw, which was a cult place being lead by a warlock.

Also this way of fasting is another thing,as no one should  be ordered  or programme to fast,no man is to dictate to anyone when they should fast.

As Holy Spirit will direct individuals to do so when it is necessary.

I see individuals being put on a fast by men and women calling themselves leaders which in fact is man made leaders.

Yes! A name of term that God introduced me to when he showed me how they are man made into believing that they are called by him and pushed into a premature launch.

And these man made fast is a set up most of the time because individuals are told to fast when they are spiritually weak.

Why fast when you have no substance of strength spiritually?

Why fast when you haven't spiritually eaten?

On less someone is trying to set you up to be spiritually attack.

Spiritual fasting is directed by the Holy Spirit,as Holy Spirit knows how strong your being is to begin your fasting.

God will never allow anyone to fast when they are spiritually weak,as your spiritual being needs energy to with stand spiritual testing's.

The phrase "When I am weak then I am strong" does not apply to fasting as any true spiritual individual will know that this term is directed to a different spiritual method of way.

Another thing I want to speak about is what individuals keep telling the innocent to try to get them trap in their cult buildings of churches and that is "Do not forsake the assembly".

A lady once came to me saying the same thing when I was in prayer with God, when I greet her at my door all I saw was her black laced dress that I was so aware of.

Which made me from my being felt that something was wrong.

And at that moment when she said those words to me, Holy Spirit reminded me that light does not mix with darkness and at that moment he opened my eyes and showed me what was before me,Yes! A witch!

I told her that I wasn't going with her and I felt so much anger come from her as she showed me a fake smile,I closed my door thank God for showing me what he did and went back to my praying.

A lot of individuals are caught up in traps in these cult buildings of houses and others because they want to know ,find and feel God,his Holy Spirit and presence.

But why do you have to attend these demonic places where individuals are maniputed,spiritually blinded and mind controlled?

If you have the Holy Spirit within you,you already have God.

Don't you know that?Why go look for God when he is already with you?
And as always he will lead your every true direction of way.

Today I say to everyone! Know God your true creator for yourself!

No false doors,false doctrine, false buildings,false men or women will lead you to God if they are manifesting with false and manipulating ways.

Know God for yourself! Man can not teach you what God can teach you,man can not show you what God can show you and man can not take you where God can take you.

And I can speak to you today because I was once like you the individuals that try to follow man and false doctrine.

And inside me, my being would also speak to me and showed me that  it was a lie,and I never felt real love when I entered these building I always saw ice cold daggers,and felt much hatred and so much more .

That one day when I entered a building of a church and felt it,I told the man that was supposed to be the pastor and he just stood there for near five minutes not a word just staring at me.

Then a few days after he told me that God don't want me to go to his church.

Hmm! Yes! So much familiar words from the same slidering tongue when they are found out,that was another cult church with much manipulation and other bad elements inside.

And so much of these building of churches represent much gothic themes of structures, am I the only one that knows that God don't do gothic?

I don't like to be touched in certain ways, this is a way I came into this world with and when my spiritual eyes opened I saw why I was this way.

Also this way of individuals holding on to others heads and placing a cross on them is also wrong,as it's a way to open mind manipulation and to also closed off individuals spiritual eyes from seeing what they should see.

I was told never to let anyone do those things to me and I did told a man made pastor not to when he tried to and I told him that it was directed by God,he never touched me,as he just looked at me and swallowed hard.

And as I would repeat again,God is never pushed on anyone and if you have the Holy Spirit the helper inside, you will be guided truthfully.

I have a will that I willed to learn nothing but truth and that is all that I've been given with much more aspects of ways.

And if anyone that have the Holy Spirit inside of them is not hearing seeing ,feeling or sensing directions means that there is some kind of interference or blockage spiritually.

Also worries ,stress,harsh thinking or a devious spiritual blockage might be to blame.

I'm not saying that God doesn't have his Holy Angels sending or delivering messages to his people, he does as I know and I have seen them at work each and ever day and I know them spiritually.

And individuals must know them also,and individuals must also know that everything ,way etc Of God the enemy tries to copy.

But the fact of the matter is that the substance of authentic Love and Truth is never there when it comes to the enemy's agents and himself,those true essence of ways he can not copy because they don't carry and can not acquire them.

God is always in full control and where the Holy Spirit is truth and Love will flow.

So always remember that one one should be pushed or manipulated to go through any buildings of church doors.

God is never pushed on anyone as it is always a free will.

And everyone will have a chance to know God and to change from a way of life of bad doings unto a path of righteous works if only you will yourselves to when the time comes.

And every individual should know that the will power is a spiritual,physical and mental weapon and it should be used wisely.

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