Sunday, 1 April 2018

What Potter's House?

In a world that everyone lives in among societies, church the buildings go up and church the buildings come down and the majority of those building structures going up does not house the representation of God and his true Holy Spirit and presence in and with them.

As most of those churches, the buildings are going with the backing and bases of illusion, mind manipulation, hypnotism and with many works of darkness.

The majority of those church structures, leaders and preachers are empty vessels and does not represent the Only and True Living God.

The base for understanding must be established for individuals to identify God's true presence and works.

Some individuals like the easy way out by following those false prophets, preachers etc who may try to tell them what they need to hear, Yes the basic works of manipulated psychology in the making.

And you know whàt? Those false preachers, prophets etc just see individuals in a huge gathering as an ocean of fish and with the right bait, they can make a big haul.

That is why the buildings are going up but the individuals seated in the buildings, their spiritual conscious structure is blocked or turned off.

The false preachers, prophets etc are all about fame and money as they just want to live the extravagant lifestyle, they all want to be the centerpiece with their names in highlight and they will use any means necessary to get what they want by manipulating individuals when they decide or get pulled through their doors.

Individuals need true discernment to see, identify and acknowledge the devious manifestation that goes on before their eyes.

God is not going to tell anyone to give money when they have none, God is not going to make anyone eat grass, seduce anyone, drive over anyone, send envelopes with trinkets to anyone, God is not going to ask for your picture or anyone's else picture because God already knows your name, you and your  being as a whole.

A lot of mind reading, hypnosis, mind manipulation, false tongues and false prophecies are going out in those buildings etc.

And a lot of those preachers, prophets etc are working with familiar spirits, and if some of you will just get conscious enough you would notice, that some of them when they meet are operating the same way.

They preach the same, prophecy the same, act the same, has the same tongues, move the same and they are all just empty vessels that devious dark elements channel through.

And the crazy dancing, movements etc that individuals do when touched by those false preachers, prophets etc is only demonic influences manifesting by strategic words etc to make it look like God's presence which it is surely not.

There is only one Potter's house and anything else is just a counterfeit, a mimic, a fake copy of God and his true Created place of establishments.

And those fake buildings, man-made preachers, and leaders are in it for their own agenda and that is to gain money, fame and to keep manipulating and deceiving individuals into thinking that they are something that they are not.

So may argue that one must not forsake the assembly, but you know what? The bible is the word of God but it has also been manipulated in sequences to control the masses.

And the devious ones and the dark forces behind them know which phrase of sentences to use on individuals to try and get them caught up in their dark false places etc.

By the way! Any assembly that does not represent Christ Holy Spirit and presence will only carry darkness and dark works, and individuals must not only leave those assemblies but they should also cut themselves off their dark works.

Do not forsake the assembly is a phrase sentence that a lot of man-made preachers and leaders used to manipulate individuals into attending their cults churches.

I've experienced not once, or twice but numerous times whereas individuals try to invite me to their churches and used the same phrase of sentences, but it never felt right with my spirit, Yes! The spirit of the living God that resides within me.

And when I told them no I'm not going I immediately felt the anger and hatred from them and yes my eyes opened and I saw what was really before me.

That is why it is of great importance that individuals have the true discernment to see the truth, know the truth, hear through and sense truth from their loving creator, as they will be able to acknowledge the false deception when it comes before them.

Individuals don't need bewitched discernment their need true discernment, as bewitched discernment is what the false preachers, leaders, and prophets are giving them that is why so many of them are acting out crazy ways when prompted by fake preaching, prophecy etc because they don't and can't discern the truth.

This is not the time to be playing church with dark devious forces because their way is on a bandwagon to hell.

It's so upsetting to see how easily individuals hand over their willpower to masquerading dark forces channeling throw dark individuals that are calling themselves pastors, preachers, prophets etc.

Thousands and thousands unconsciously follow false individuals and they are not willing to find, listen, hear or be directed by God himself through his Holy Spirit.

Those dark forces working through dark individuals want they places pack with thousands of people not only to rob manipulate deceive and control them but the more individuals the more souls going to hell.

The infatuation of so many individuals opening up themselves and handing over their willpower to mere dark forces is not going to help them in any way as they are just falling into traps by entities that are just out to steal their utmost energy, their souls.

Ungodly forces are not going to help individuals see and acknowledged the truth of light, all they want to do is to keep individuals sitting on seats of dormancy holding dust just like ornaments on a shelf getting dull, as they slowing slide into oblivion.

Individuals where are you going, individuals do you know the false preachers etc that you are following?

Have you gotten any spiritual growth or do you have to run after a false preacher or prophet every day in your life to hear false words and then to be told that God told them so? What God? Did anyone ever ask?

As they are numerous idols that those false preachers and prophets idolized to.

Blessed is the man that walked not in the council of the ungodly!

This is a true and relevant direction phrase and the sentence that individuals need to represent.

Those false preachers will never preach this I can assure you.

As it will remind individuals and show up their hidden devious acts.

The false preachers are into business and that is exactly what they are building on, a mere business where they have to get as many customers as possible, yes! A big assembly to come in and that will continue to stay in.

Individuals will be like cows being a channel and drained of milk and never given clean fresh grass to replenish themselves.

And those devious individuals all have a trick up their sleeves and it's call witchcraft, as they are meddling with dark devious forces to bewitched, manipulate, blind and rob the masses.

I already spoke in an article about the laying of hands on the head on the forehead and body as the laying of hand on the forehead by false preachers etc is the way they try to close off spiritual eyes.

The laying of hands on your head is the impartation, it's like a puppeteer that is attaching his strings on his puppets.

Laying of hands on the body or shaking hands with those false preachers or any other individual into dark arts is they releasing elements on the individuals or sometimes bugging the individual as they used them and make them a bullseye, Yes! A target for dark spiritual forces to attack.

Patting numerous times is also their trademark for connection.

The disposition of some individuals is so seasoned into these cult places that if God had to confront them they still wouldn't know.

Individuals must understand that God's true way is all about the truth and light an emergence of positive calming energy and effects that is based on helping, growing, saving, caring, evolving etc it's about preparation it's never about mind manipulation.

God's church is not about drama as most of you see in those buildings , it's not about loud bewitching music that is laced with deceit, it's not about hipnotizing imagery that just puts individuals in a bewildered state, it's not about aggression, it's not about puppetry, its not about mascarades, it's not about pagan culture, it's not about worldly music ,it's not about praying over money, it's not about wild crazy dancing, it's not about wild crazy actions, it's not about crazy jumping, it's not about crazy screaming, it's not about loud screaming, elaborate dressing.

God's way is simply soft and free Yes! God's way is a true free flow.

And all proceedings where you see false preachers etc being bowed down to, lift in the air on thrones, doing ignorant dances or movements that is wayward, weird pushing actions and eerie tongues.

Individuals need to know that, That is not God, the Only and true living God or his presence, as it's all witchcraft and dark forces that they are working with.

And I'm not only saying! I know! An individual I know was told to give $20,000.00 and I saw her and I told her that she was not supposed to give any money that it was mind manipulation.

She and others found out the truth and that was, that the false preacher confessing to being a prophet was using witchcraft and was going to a witch doctor to get prayed for wow the audacity of fakeness.

Individuals need to know that it's just a playground for those individuals that are into dark works and devious forces.

Yes! They do see your anointing and they do see your wealth etc that is why they like to call out certain individuals to prey on.

God give his daughters and sons their anointing and God bless his people, he protects them, guides them into whatever prayer is needed in intercessors physical or spiritual.

God your creator activates your gifts when the time is right and he does not do premature launches, which by the way is done by may false prophets etc that is dealing with the dark side to make you fail.

God knows when and where to put his workmen in the field and he knows when to take them out, God teaches his own what they need to know and God's teachings are the best teaching that anyone could ever get because it's a true teaching that aligns with truth and you never forget what you were taught.

And all things that you are taught is what you need to know to help, all spiritual weapons you used for protection.

All things shown is what you need to see, all things heard is what you need to hear, all things you speak is what you need to speak.

To see all is to know all to know all is to hear all to hear all is to speak all.

Mankind needs to understand that blessings are not bought and the anointing is not bought and man cannot transfer the anointing.

Yes! The devious ones can steal your energy and that is exactly what some are doing and are trying to do.

Blessing and anointing flow freely from God your creator the only and true living God who created you, and his breath of life and his Holy Spirit is supposed to be in you, not dark forces that do biddings as soon as they are summons by music or words spoken to act up and pretend.

Anointing is placed on individuals after the molding process and their blessing as a package spiritually goes along with them.

The church structures of today are based and laced with dark forces dark elements that are embedded in the false preachers, prophets and some of the congregation.

Inside the buildings and in and among individuals are homosexuality, prosecution, much pedophile, abuse, greed, manipulation, and deception is the tools that those individuals work with and God the Only and True Living God is not among them or in them.

Just as God was tempted in the wilderness so is many among you, being tempted and the worst thing about it is that they are giving in, and going along instead of rebuking the forces and they stand before you in buildings deceiving all.

But the thing about it is that after a time those same dark forces reaps havoc on the same individuals that were doing their biddings and turn them into babbling incoherent individuals that others will then see as delusional and mad.

The true structure of God's alliance is not based on mockery, it's not based on intrigue, it's not based on a monopoly of dark works, imagery, manipulation or witchery with the dark side.

God's way is the truth and light that makes one see through the darkness and always know the truth and where they are going.

Mankind needs to apprehend the dark works of deception that false prophets, preachers etc keep depositing, mere man-made individuals of deception all out with greed.

In societies in the world individuals try to continue to mock God, they carry out procedures that do not qualify as works of God or his Holy Spirit.

And the thing about it is that some among you are so and weak and vulnerable the ideal candidates for wolf of prey, some among you are are following dark structures and easily and unconsciously helping yourselves to go on a bandwagon to hell.

All blind controlled individuals that are following the enemy's agents and unconsciously helping in trying to fulfill his evil plan.

And the time is upon mankind where they will continue to see all those false preacher's, prophets etc uncovering themselves as Individuals will see behind their veils of what and who they are really following.

Truth has established itself and it's showing up all deception and lies.

Mankind look and see what is coming before you.

Monday, 5 March 2018

A Call To HEED !

The infiltration of entities among mankind is a mere means to take control, to put mankind against themselves as to have that out of control environmental way.

The areas with great penetrations as you can see are areas of desolation, malnutrition, much suffering, anger, and fear and the list goes on.

Those are the enemies' breeding ground where they can utilize any fearful individual without a will.

That is why those entities need war as to put fear, desolation, hunger, anger and the list goes on, among everyone.

As the greater the war the more habitations of environments will remain depleted and waste with more humans to apprehend and control.

Mankind is always at a blindside as some are not consciously awakening to see the mandate of their enemies.

Racial tactics just did not come in, it was infiltrated and with televised positioning and showing they help to disrupt mankind's peaceful flow with more hatred that they are trying to implant.

What is the use of fighting your brothers and sisters when at the end of the day you will all have to meet up?

Mankind needs to apply themselves fully into truthful consciousness to really understand what is.

A call went out for prayers for mankind and calls keep going out because mankind is on a road to deplete themselves.

Mankind needs a strong standing in an alliance of peace, love, and unity to help bridge and build that gap to cross.

Mankind needs to help themselves out of the battle zone that there are being pulled and pushed in.

Numerous call has and continues to be echoed through the universal realm to help mankind, but what is a helping hand if mankind does not want to help themselves.

Fear, hatred, anger and the rest of meaningless aspects of infiltration should never have a place among mankind, that is not the way it should be.

And anyone that understands what truly is will also understand that all those infiltrated elements are just put to destroy mankind's peaceful living.

The infiltration of these implantations came from galaxies of light years away, from mere entities that are just based on destroying who, what and wherever peace, love, and unity reside.

Mankind has come a long way and its time that they know the true way of their life of living and it must be done as a whole, a productive seed that grows and evolves with time.

Anger is not going to get mankind far, hatred is not going to take mankind up flights of stairs, fear is not going to make mankind move, and channeling treats against their brotherman is not going to get mankind in any high standing as all that will happen is mankind will keep suffering.

The time for apologies is now, the time for forgiveness and unity is now, the time for true Love to exist and shown among mankind is now.

Yes! Prayers are going up but mankind needs to help put their self-destroying and infiltrated weapons down, mere weapons of mass destruction that are implanted and given to them.

This is a call to HEED !

Monday, 11 December 2017

Recognize-True Visions Of Spirituality From A False Televised Version Of Reality.

Knowing the difference between these two types of ways is very important as true spiritual visions shows you what is to be seen, while a false televised reality vision gives you pictures, events etc a play by play documentation that is but a mere repeat.

As you see a movie that you watched it's just presented to you as a vision to get your intellectual being in knots., and there must be a focus to see and know the difference between real and a false repeated reality show.

True spiritual visions are showing you things to happen and if you interpret them right you will be able to pray against a bad way, that will try to present itself on the same or some other day.

Some individuals don't understand what some of them are seeing as most of them are getting so many false flags, they watched a movie or something all day, or read some kind of news or a book that gets the false vision prep to go on their mind's way.

And when they dream everything just flows back at them as their dreams give them a false look of the day's proceedings that their input.

And some think that they are true visions, Yes! Some think that they got revelations and some go and broadcast things that were televised to them in the past.

Some individuals don't understand that when the true visions are flowing in, there must be a full focus as they keep a clear self-controlled mind of being.

One doesn't focus on the news, one doesn't focus on anything that you shouldn't do.

A true spiritual vision can flow to you anywhere and you must be in a poised mentality of a way to know what is true from the things you've done some day before or even the same day.

This spiritual realm is tricky this spiritual realm is heavy and a spiritual mind must know the difference between true spiritual reality from a false televise reviews of reality trickery of repeated show.

The mind must be in full focus and the lips have to be slow, the tongue has to be silent when it goes all out on media to say God showed or told them so.

Dreams and visions interpretation has so many meanings and only a conscious discerning mind will see and know when they are getting a slide show.

To understand spirituality you have to be spiritual to understand a false reality you have to be conscious and know truths.

Everyone is getting dreams and visions, some true some false and while some individuals are knowing some just are not comprehending.

What some see, hear and know they just push it behind their minds as a freaky or dream or vision show.

But what is a visionary dream if it doesn't have guidance? It's just a mere illusional state that the mind goes in, to make the individual interpret the day's proceedings as a true vision of something.

So Individuals always know the difference between true and false.

False is trying to flow everywhere and your mind is a place that false like to go, it's the playground for works of trickery ways.

Be always focus and aware even of spiritual things, and learn to control your mind before you open the mouth to say something.

Individuals! You all need to know these two ways to understand what is true and what is false and what will be dormant and what will be a view to really direct someone or even you. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

What Is On The Inside Looking Out? -Look, See And Know.

When I looked around I can not but noticed the wide spectrum of entities channelling through individual's in leading positions in private, governmental institutions and other walks of life. 

All put in place by devious alliances to try to bring the righteous down, with their unedifying, manipulating confusing works of deception. 

And as they jump in and out of human bodies that are mere suits for channelling, they pass through individuals that are caught up in heartless ways, unconscious individuals that have no spiritual understanding of what truly is. 

And all you see on those individuals is just glassy staring eyes that always goes into a trance mode. 

Yes! Glassy numb and rooted with the black entity the dark matter that devious scientist knows about. 

The ones behind the experiments of extraterrestrial wear that they keep sending around everywhere. 

And you always know them from their strange looking eyes the smell of their slime, the ashy fumes of sulfur that some of them always flow in and the twisting tongues of lies that they slide through passages to cause confusion as a win. 

Mankind needs to be cautious and aware of the ways and things among them that comes from crevices and cracks, web gateways, sewage, and taps, from solar and below from sky, rain that falls and wind that blows with a burning flow. 

A conscious awakening is needed to wake up the many individuals that are unconsciously sleeping to get them to see, hear and know what is true from the illusion that wayward rules of law don't want them understanding. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Consciousness! -A Way Scientists And Others Are Buffled About.

All over the world scientists and other theorized individuals fight with theories as they try to figure out where consciousness begin and end? 

How the human mind works and how great minds exceed others with little understanding of consciousness? 

And they themselves are yet to understand consciousness because they cannot understand what they don't know. 

It's like a child trying to start an engine and don't know where to find the key or input the key. 

‘‘ Consciousness Is The Opening Of The Universal Eye In Humans’’ ~Marcelle Hinkson

Consciousness is beyond anyone's imagination, it's not an element that stays in one disposition, as consciousness is always evolving, moving and growing, and it can manifest itself in different ways. 

Consciousness is also you the individual using your five senses as an alignment with your will power, heart and being to let consciousness fully manifest its works. 

Consciousness is your conscious being going high and deep in depths with the universal flow, when the universal passages open up for you see and know. 

Yes! The universe is conscious and all beings that lay within, some others like mankind somehow lost their ability of consciousness to know things. 

Consciousness is not hallucinating by the brain, consciousness is a real and natural effect. 

It's a journey in time, it's your being of a body going into its spiritual way and channeling what you have lost and what you are supposed to know when you travel to earth's long way. 

Everyone is spiritual and some will have memories of their spiritual journey before they came to earth and some will not, those are the blocked ones the ones that have a conscious hack. 

Just like everyone as they drift into a sleep and dream each night, their spiritual being gets up and go. 

Yes! Their spiritual beings go into a spiritual conscious realm, and some individuals do remember and some do not. 

And some have their spiritual travel manifest as what they call De-Ja-Vu when what they dream or experience in a spiritual visit manifest in real physical form. 

All spiritual consciousness opens up to the same place, it's a universal spiritual flow, and your spiritual being will go on journeys that will help you along your physical way. 

And some of you with the De-Ja-Vu kind of way, you see people that you know you met somewhere, have conversations that you had before, see places that you never been but somehow know you were there before. 

It's an enlightenment, the passages you walk in your spiritual form and it does manifest to the natural. 

Everyone has a soul for a reason and it's the doorway to consciousness and the will power is the key to that door, along with the five senses, mind and heart that must be aligned. 

Unfortunately, some individuals don't use the key the way they should, they just let their will power be polluted by wayward ways of the world, people, and elements in it. 

Mind emergence is the criteria that evaluate the mind with a direct distance of feed, the epic tuning where the mind evolves to full maximum potentials, and what is a mind if It's controlled by false ways? It's no mind at all just a remote for a program body. 

The dormitory of a real and conscious intelligence comes from deep within, and your senses have to be aligned and play a part in your conscious state, taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch your bodie's full armor that helps your consciousness to work. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Messages Behind The Message.

Motivating individuals is a good thing to do as it should always represent a good way that helps your brother man out, what ever truthful way one distribute aspects of motivational empowerment
to individuals.

There must be a truthful and dedicated heart behind every distribution of empowering feed.

I see many post of motivational chain link messaging that command individuals to type amen as a way of showing their aligence and dedication to God,and what I can say here is that I never trusted some of these kinds of chain link messages of ways.

As I never felt a truthful heart behind the messages and messengers.

It's just a posting of a message that was sent to someone else,and as far as typing amen as an agreement to any post,I never do because a lot of strange elements are camouflage and linked behind some of these messenging motivational links of messages that asked for an agreement.

Some even challenge individuals to type amen if they want their life, money or love Jesus.

As I said and I hope that individuals don't get me wrong but God is not a wheel of fortune that you are trying to win.

My thing is and I spiritually know that these kinds of aspects of ways is not for me as I already know that my Creator love me as I do him and his Holy Spirit and it's all with an everlasting love and I spend every day in my life acknowledging him and what he has done for me from young up to now.

God is willed to everyone and anyone who has his or her will to commit to a true relationship with him and to embrace him for who he truly is .

God is never pushed on anyone as everyone has a will power to decide what it is that they truly want.
God is found when individuals look for him and want him.

And most of the time when these messaging type amen post is sent to me,they just feel like there are intruding and being pushed in a false way and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

As i just feel a blunt wall of some kind,and an individual being control to send a posting feed with no kind of true heart felt ways in them.

Just a I see I do type of element of way to send a posting feed.

I always say if a true heart isn't in it don't send it.

Words do speak volume and I can spiritually,feel,sense,hear,taste and smell words that is coming from an individual and the aspects of ways and elements behind them.

And I always know if they are sent from a true heart.

Yes! I can read heart and the whole individuals them self,and that is how I can identify individuals,as my other giftings allows me to.

And through my years of finding my true spiritual way I witness and recognize how easily individuals can get trap into some false ways of believing in their true creator of existence.

And Yes! Everyone that has a heart for God wants to know their true Creator God , and they will go after aspect of ways that they think is him,but as always they must be cautious and descerning to make sure that it is truly him and his way.

The name Jesus is quotes by itself or with the blood and even before I became highly spiritual I always felt in my being that it was not said in the right content.

I knew that something was wrong with that kind of introduction to God's reverence.

And it was only in my later years of spirituality that I found out my feelings for the introduction.

When I experienced as I saw a cult with much witchery using the same theme of introduction.

And they used the name and the blood representation to call upon an evil entity they call God.

And I had a rewind in my being of why my feeling was.

I do not and will not accept anyone who does not identify Jesus Christ of Nazareth in full view of description.

As the enemy and his agents also use the name Jesus but not in full documentation of discriptional aspects.
As a reference as to show you what I mean.

Before I was highly spiritual I was going to a house church and other normal churches also.

But it was my experiences at the house church that made me to really embrace my spiritual giftings even more.

The man leading the church that called himself a pastor would call me up all types of hours at my home and told me to receive it in Jesus name.

And me thinking it was  all from my creator world accept,not knowing that I actually receiving not blessing but curses on myself.

As Father Creator God told and showed me how devious individual prey on others instead of pray.

Then one day when my phone rang Holy Spirit spoke to me and ask me why am I accepting what the man was telling me to receive when I did not know what it was.

I answered the phone and when the man told me to receive it I told him full out no that I will not be accepting anything, and I ask him what is it really that he wants me to receive.

After I said that he just became silent and put the phone down and he never call me again to tell me to receive anything.

Futher more he told me that God did not want me to go back to the house church.

But I was invited by a lady and I went and saw much that was wrong   and I did show up what I saw, which was a cult place being lead by a warlock.

Also this way of fasting is another thing,as no one should  be ordered  or programme to fast,no man is to dictate to anyone when they should fast.

As Holy Spirit will direct individuals to do so when it is necessary.

I see individuals being put on a fast by men and women calling themselves leaders which in fact is man made leaders.

Yes! A name of term that God introduced me to when he showed me how they are man made into believing that they are called by him and pushed into a premature launch.

And these man made fast is a set up most of the time because individuals are told to fast when they are spiritually weak.

Why fast when you have no substance of strength spiritually?

Why fast when you haven't spiritually eaten?

On less someone is trying to set you up to be spiritually attack.

Spiritual fasting is directed by the Holy Spirit,as Holy Spirit knows how strong your being is to begin your fasting.

God will never allow anyone to fast when they are spiritually weak,as your spiritual being needs energy to with stand spiritual testing's.

The phrase "When I am weak then I am strong" does not apply to fasting as any true spiritual individual will know that this term is directed to a different spiritual method of way.

Another thing I want to speak about is what individuals keep telling the innocent to try to get them trap in their cult buildings of churches and that is "Do not forsake the assembly".

A lady once came to me saying the same thing when I was in prayer with God, when I greet her at my door all I saw was her black laced dress that I was so aware of.

Which made me from my being felt that something was wrong.

And at that moment when she said those words to me, Holy Spirit reminded me that light does not mix with darkness and at that moment he opened my eyes and showed me what was before me,Yes! A witch!

I told her that I wasn't going with her and I felt so much anger come from her as she showed me a fake smile,I closed my door thank God for showing me what he did and went back to my praying.

A lot of individuals are caught up in traps in these cult buildings of houses and others because they want to know ,find and feel God,his Holy Spirit and presence.

But why do you have to attend these demonic places where individuals are maniputed,spiritually blinded and mind controlled?

If you have the Holy Spirit within you,you already have God.

Don't you know that?Why go look for God when he is already with you?
And as always he will lead your every true direction of way.

Today I say to everyone! Know God your true creator for yourself!

No false doors,false doctrine, false buildings,false men or women will lead you to God if they are manifesting with false and manipulating ways.

Know God for yourself! Man can not teach you what God can teach you,man can not show you what God can show you and man can not take you where God can take you.

And I can speak to you today because I was once like you the individuals that try to follow man and false doctrine.

And inside me, my being would also speak to me and showed me that  it was a lie,and I never felt real love when I entered these building I always saw ice cold daggers,and felt much hatred and so much more .

That one day when I entered a building of a church and felt it,I told the man that was supposed to be the pastor and he just stood there for near five minutes not a word just staring at me.

Then a few days after he told me that God don't want me to go to his church.

Hmm! Yes! So much familiar words from the same slidering tongue when they are found out,that was another cult church with much manipulation and other bad elements inside.

And so much of these building of churches represent much gothic themes of structures, am I the only one that knows that God don't do gothic?

I don't like to be touched in certain ways, this is a way I came into this world with and when my spiritual eyes opened I saw why I was this way.

Also this way of individuals holding on to others heads and placing a cross on them is also wrong,as it's a way to open mind manipulation and to also closed off individuals spiritual eyes from seeing what they should see.

I was told never to let anyone do those things to me and I did told a man made pastor not to when he tried to and I told him that it was directed by God,he never touched me,as he just looked at me and swallowed hard.

And as I would repeat again,God is never pushed on anyone and if you have the Holy Spirit the helper inside, you will be guided truthfully.

I have a will that I willed to learn nothing but truth and that is all that I've been given with much more aspects of ways.

And if anyone that have the Holy Spirit inside of them is not hearing seeing ,feeling or sensing directions means that there is some kind of interference or blockage spiritually.

Also worries ,stress,harsh thinking or a devious spiritual blockage might be to blame.

I'm not saying that God doesn't have his Holy Angels sending or delivering messages to his people, he does as I know and I have seen them at work each and ever day and I know them spiritually.

And individuals must know them also,and individuals must also know that everything ,way etc Of God the enemy tries to copy.

But the fact of the matter is that the substance of authentic Love and Truth is never there when it comes to the enemy's agents and himself,those true essence of ways he can not copy because they don't carry and can not acquire them.

God is always in full control and where the Holy Spirit is truth and Love will flow.

So always remember that one one should be pushed or manipulated to go through any buildings of church doors.

God is never pushed on anyone as it is always a free will.

And everyone will have a chance to know God and to change from a way of life of bad doings unto a path of righteous works if only you will yourselves to when the time comes.

And every individual should know that the will power is a spiritual,physical and mental weapon and it should be used wisely.

Natural Meditation

Meditation is what some spiritual individuals do to find for themselves a state of peace of mind, their surroundings and to connect to their God and to find out their source of life.

Some individuals used methods to accerate their meditative state.

And I just want to say that a drug fuel way of meditation is not the right way.

What is meditation when it is fueled fused and orchestrated by manipulation means?

A natural meditation is a natural being at state~M.Hinkson
A natural alignment, a natural way, a natural sense of awareness that helps you along the way.

With a sense of direction that will open your spiritual eyes and ears.

Some individuals used methods of a false push into a meditative stance and a natural door will not open if one is using a false method at hand.

It's a meditation,a dedication,a true commitment of way,with a natural alignment that will help show you the right way.

Drugs will not help produce a meditative state,all they would do is give you Hallucinations,keep you wide awake and put you at hell's gate.

As you will get put in the negative realms of spiritual influences all around,drugs is only a conductor that will falsely and dangerously push you along.

Yes! Your eyes will be opened but to what realm and extreme? Not the one that you supposed to be in but a devious realm of hell that will have you begging and crying on your knees.

A realm that used a camouflage way to trick you into a false mind of being see,that what you meditate for is not what you will truly see before thee.

You must all understand that pushing meditation by using drugs is dangerous as it opens up a devious gateway,with manipulating elements that is just out to trick your true path.

A natural meditative state is a wholesome being that is wide awake and it will know it's true alignment of way,from a devious orchestrated fuel deception of ways.

Spiritual descerning  is needed all around for individuals to understand and know a spiritual world working in a physical world.

And with spiritual descerning any conscious individual will know as all their senses will be wide awake to distinguish God's truthful love and ways from the enemies' false blunt cold walled up love of false documentation,individuals,passages and ways.

True genuine love is always missing when it comes to a false way and it's never hard to identify if one is spiritually and consciously awake and aware to tell the difference.

With some individuals that I had experience with the word love will come from their mouth but their heart and body never showed,speak or protray that true love or it's essence.

Which only showed me that it was never a true way.

I'm at a height of spirituality and I'm going to go as far as I can go to be empowered so that I in turn can empower all.

As the eyes of the blind must be opened at all cost for them to wake up out of the false worldly dream that they are in to see truths and know truths for what it truly is.